Discontented and locked in a most beautiful place to live, I am a father of three and a husband of One Sweet One. A jock of all trades and master of none! Story of my life. As a rope technition I dabbled in caving, rock and ice climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering. But after high altitude pulminary edema on Denali, I decided to do triathlon. Mountain running and time trialing was where the pedals hit high gear. Work is all over the board. In the 90’s it was cannery work in Alaska. Later on, it was a short order line cook position on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system and a sports writer for the newspaper in the capitol of the 49th state. Then I worked as an ambassador for the Alaskan Brewing Compnay and moved on to trucking 18 wheelers. But through it all, I am a bicyclist, an athlete at heart. I am a tinkerer, a dreamer, an antagonist of traffic law, an event director, a fan, an undaunted commuter, and an eternal swerver.

I blame things on the 70s!! Like being too outgoing and partying like a rockstar. You see, my parents made us sing ‘special music’ in front of hundreds of people at an early age in every poe dunk town in Colorado. My younger sister and I are the kids of evangelists. Like belly flopping from on high into shallow water. Furthermore, I like think extreme sports don’t kill people becuase you can jump off cliff topped mountains and hang glide out into the sunset. Lastly, I happen to think that happy people wear orange and blue and that all people who live in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S.A. are born to be Denver Broncos fans. I mean, come on, RIGHT!! Like, I KNOW!! Blame it on the 70s!


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